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Corporate Training

 Development and delivery of global corporate training adapted to Fashion and Design companies.

  • Optional follow-up training on-site or online, individual or in group

Development and delivery of “Train the trainer” program.

  • In two-step roll program process

Strategic consulting for internal corporate training.

  • On-site or online format for all the above


Core areas of expertise for all the above include: visual merchandising, competitive research , market analysis, optimization of space presentation, window lightening,

window mannequins styling, creative thinking, workplace wellness program, creative thinking, pedagogy and team building, and workplace wellness program.

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Development and teaching of continuous learning programs for Universities and Colleges.

  • Onsite or online format

  • Teaching method promoting practice, development of technical skills and open conversation.

  • Core areas of expertise include visual merchandising, window display, market analysis, creative thinking, interpersonal strength and effectiveness.


  • Onsite or online format

  • Core areas include visual merchandising, career management, business and interpersonal strengths. 

  • Open conversation

Student Mentoring

One-on-one online coaching that aims to contribute to students’ journey to find opportunities for:

  • Studies

  • Career developments

  • Productive self-development tools

Student Mentoring
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